Well Street Hall

Well Street Hall offers a safe social environment and a great way to make new friends. It's ideal for first year undergraduate students.

Well Street Hall has 132 single-study bedrooms situated across 3 floors (please note, there are no lifts). In your room you will have your own mini-fridge, washbasin plus, of course, broadband and wifi.

Your room is centrally heated and fully furnished with plenty of electrical sockets. You will need to provide your own bedding. Bedrooms are cleaned fortnightly.

Your kitchen is equipped with all the things you would expect such as cookers, microwaves, fridges and freezers. You will have your own lockable food cupboard.

You will need to bring your own pots and pans, along with crockery and cutlery. Your kitchens will be cleaned daily but of course we would like you to help our hardworking cleaning staff by cleaning up after yourself.

The showers and toilets are shared but very private and cleaned daily.
You will have a large communal area with wifi consisting of study/studio space as well as a TV room.

There are a limited number of parking spaces available for residents.
As well as a residential Manager, the building is covered 24 hours a day by student subwardens, so if there is ever an emergency there is always somebody available to help you.

Single occupancy
Car parking
Bike storage
TV room
Study Space
Weekly rate: £155 - £165
Includes all utilities, room contents insurance, broadband and wifi
£500 refundable deposit
Fixed-term contract 11 September 2021 - 11 June 2022 (undergraduates)
For summer accommodation options
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Well Street Hall term-time FAQs

What are you doing about Covid-19?

For the latest information about what we are doing in relation to Covid-19 please click on this link.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

For two reasons. Firstly, to show us that you really do intend to take the room and the secondly to cover the cost of any damage or money that you might owe us at the end of your stay. We bank the deposit and return it to you 28 days after you leave. Your deposit is separate from your rent.

Why do I have to pay the deposit so soon after I have been offered a room?

We have so many people apply for rooms. Therefore, the sooner deposits are paid, the sooner we can inform those still waiting for a room if there are any rooms left to offer.

What happens if I pay a deposit and then decide I do not want the room before the start of the contract?

This all depends on when you cancel the contract. If you cancel with more than 56 days to go the deposit will be returned in full.
If you cancel with less than 56 days to go, we will retain £150 of the deposit as a cancellation fee.

When will I get my deposit back?

The deposit is returned to you in full, if you don't owe us any money, within 28 days of the end of the contract.

When do I have to pay my rent?

Rent is paid in advance and you will have to make your first rent payment when you move in. If you live with us for the full academic year you will have to pay rent on 3 separate occasions; once in September, once in January and the final payment in April.

What happens if I want to leave?

When you agree to take on a room, it's for the whole academic year. This means, if you want to leave early we can only refund your rent if we get someone else to take your room. If you want to terminate your contract, you must let us know in writing.
If you leave University for educational or health reason, please speak to us about this.

Is there a curfew?

No, you can come and go as you please at any time of the day or night. You're given a key fob to enter the building. Just make sure that you do not let anybody into the building who you do not recognise and when you come and go from the building, please do so quietly.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to provide your own bedding (duvet, duvet cover, sheets, pillows, pillow cases). For information, the beds are 6 feet 3 inches x 2 feet 6 inches.
You will also need to provide your own pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.

Do I have to insure my possessions?

The Association has provided room contents insurance for the duration of your stay through cover4insurance. This covers a wide range of belongings within your room, including laptops, sports and electrical equipment and clothes. We advise you to review your cover.
You have the option to extend your policy to suit your individual needs and avoid being under-insured.
For claims information, your policy details, to extend your policy, or if you have a question please visit www.cover4insurance.co.uk/cass-claredale

Can friends come and visit?

Yes, friends and family are more than welcome to visit. There is no accommodation for visitors so if a friend stays over it might be a bit cramped. Please remember, you are responsible for your guests and their behaviour.

Who cleans the kitchens, showers and toilets?

Kitchens, showers and toilets are cleaned daily. However, for the kitchens to be cleaned properly, you have to make sure you clean up after you have used the kitchen. This means that pots, pans, plates, crockery and cutlery cannot be left to rot in sinks or on kitchen tables.

Do you have parking?

There is limited car parking at the front and rear of the building. This is only accessible during office hours. Please contact the office staff for further information.

How many people use the kitchens and showers?

Usually kitchens are shared by about 12 people. There are sufficient showers for men and women on each floor.

Can I have a pet in my room?

Sorry, no pets

Do you have washing machines?

Yes, we've got 2 coin-operated washing machines and two tumble dryers. You need to use your own washing powder/liquid. The washing machine costs £2.00 and the tumble dryer costs £1 for every 30 minutes' worth of drying.

What should I do if I have a problem?

Just pop into the on-site office near the communal area. It's open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 1pm and 2pm – 4.30pm. Outside office hours, we have Subwardens on duty until midnight and we will give you information about them when you come to stay.

What's the difference between the room sizes?

The rent differs depending on the size of the bedroom. The room category details are provided above along with the term-time licence agreement for information.

You will see the overwhelming majority of the rooms are classified as S2.

When you apply, you can let us know your room category preference but we cannot guarantee we will be able to offer you the type of room you asked for.

All rooms are furnished in the same way.

Can I apply for a room at both buildings at the same time?

We will only consider your application based on your first choice of building so please only apply for one building.